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A Man highlights the issues with Marrying daughters of single moms



A Twitter user with the handle @YemiHazan took to the platform to highlights the issues with marrying daughters of single moms.

According to the young man, women raised by single mothers are toxic because of their mother’s influence and once you marry her, you’ll marry her mother too.

Ready his full post:.

“I become extra observant when getting personal with any lady that was raised by a single mother.. Some mothers were so toxic in their young age that they couldn’t keep a man, and they pass down trash attitude to their daughters not minding if it ruins them or not.

These set of ladies will never believe anything outside the sphere of what their mothers taught them, they bask in ignorance with pride and shun every correction.. Any man that enters is set for early grave tbh.

Did I tell you, getting married to one means marrying the mum too? everything that happens in the marriage no matter how little, they inform their mother and seek toxic advice on how to handle.. You will just see your wife steadily misbehaving without knowing the true reason”.