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A Nigerian Woman calls out Tunde Ednut for raping and impregnating her



A woman has accused Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednutof raping and impregnating her. Tunde Ednut got wind of the accusation and has now reacted.

The woman, known on Instagram simply as Olamide, said she met Tunde Ednut at a party and she was a huge fan so she took photos with him. She said they ended up having sex after the party.

She went on to add that it was more like rape because she didn’t consent initially and he kept cajoling her to accept.

She said he promised to connect her with the right people since she wants to be an actress. She added that after their encounter, he called her two more times then stopped.

She claimed she’s pregnant now from that encounter and insisted she’s not clout chasing.

She added:

And I’m not clout chasing
This is serious
If you really wanna know the bottom of the whole thing
I will reply anyone who can help and who is interested to see me and my pregnancy
I wouldn’t love to post anything relating with my pregnancy because of the way we Nigerians act
Especially when we are getting money or fame from the the particular person

Woman calls out Tunde Ednut for raping and impregnating her

She also wrote in her Instagram Stories: “Please let my voice be heard. He doesn’t want to take responsibility”.

Reacting, Tunde Ednut shared multiple posts to address the accusations.

In one, he wrote:

“Is this the level we’ve gotten to now? She said she is pregnant “NOW”. That I then traveled abroad. When did I travel from America. Even my Tunde Ednut birthday party, I didn’t attend. Maybe she has been pregnant for 2 years. WAIT, DID I SHIP MY PRICK??? Is this the new level we’ve gotten now to blow? You know I insulted instablog some days ago and you guys said they will come up with something against me. Here is it. Why? Why would they even post this shit? Instablog owner, I know you can see this, why? Is this the level we’ve gotten to? #AudioPregnancy #SexThroughBlueTooth”.

Woman calls out Tunde Ednut for raping and impregnating her

He added: “#TundeEdnut The guy that leaves a girl pregnant for years without delivery. Don’t call me a blogger….”.

He continued in another post, “#TundeEdnut The Only guy with a detachable BIG BLACK DICK. The only guy that can get you pregnant through BLUETOOTH from another country!!! Be careful. DONT CALL ME A BLOGGER…”.
His last post on the matter reads: “AUDIO PREGNANCY #TundeEdnut#EyanDino #TheEntertainerOfInstagram”.