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BBNaija 2019 | FINALLY! Housemates Feelings Were EXPOSED After Drinking Game



We’re not sure if it’s the result of several shots of alcohol or the flying emotions in the House but the Pepper Dem gang got up to a fiery drinking game – or what they termed as a truth or dare game.

Frodd finally got to address the love triangle between himself, Esther and Nelson, but this wasn’t before he got a peck on the lips and a lap dance from Esther all thanks to the truth or dare game.

When asked, Esther replied, “I’m nobody’s girl.” After which she walked out of the room. (We Stan A Queen).

In line with the ‘situationships’ in the House, Mercy asked Khafi how she felt when she found out that Gedoni once liked her (Mercy) prior to the creation of the Khadoni ship.

It was of no surprise when Khafi’s mood went down-hill after the question. As a true police officer, she covered it up by saying Gedoni already confessed it to her even before the romance between them kicked off.

The drinking game also revealed Nelson’s feelings for Esther which was exposed when he said he has only liked two ladies in the House – Diane and Esther.

Remember when Diane admitted her feelings to Nelson, well it may seem as though this isn’t the case anymore. Upon hearing this revelation, Diane told Mercy that she was glad to be out of the love triangle.

Of course, the pairs in the House were not exempted from the drinking game which left Mercy with blushed cheeks as she heard Ike confess his genuine feelings for her to Diane.

In his words, “It’s not a game and I didn’t settle for her. I really like her”.

Well, we need more of these games in the house to who knows more secrets will be revealed.