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BBNaija 2019| Venita BLASTS Tacha, Calls Her “Empty Vessel”



By now everybody in the house knows how blunt and outspoken Venita can be.

She has told everyone that she didn’t come to play and she won’t be taken for a ride.

Early this morning, Mercy told Venita that Seyi soaked spaghetti in the kitchen, this made her angry because of the constant food wastage in the house.

It seemed like Venita went to give Seyi a scolding but when she got there she started ranting about Tacha, Seyi, and Mercy being the ones who went into the kitchen the most.

Seyi being himself didn’t move an inch or say a word in response to what she was saying. On the hand, Tacha must have heard Venita’s rant as she was passing by. Not one to not defend herself, she responded as she always did and said ‘If you’re going to be talking about people like that, please count me out’, she said, ‘Stop mentioning my name.’ She concluded.

It seems Venita might have respected her request because after that she stopped talking and went to the garden.

After this incidence, she started gossiping with her partners Mercy, Enkay, and Frodd. They talked about how some people ate three meals yesterday, they were talking about Tacha,Seyi and Cindy.

Abeg why can’t they eat three times a day did they come to die?

It’s Big Brother’s House, not Gulder Ultimate Search.

As if that wasn’t enough, they started talking about a housemate who makes herself a star by shouting everytime. They were obviously talking about Tacha. She even referred to Tacha as “an empty vessel”.

This smells interesting, Venita is trying to wage war with Nigeria’s choice, Tacha.

Venita thread lightly don’t let Tacha and her goons come and deal with you.