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Boss logic Transform cillian Murphy into Doctor Doom, can Marvel be swayed!?



The Doctor Doom movie isn’t dead yet. Noah Hawley recently announced he has finished the script and is going to push Marvel Studios to release it. This is sure to make Marvel fans very happy, but who will star as the iconic villain in the long-talked about movie? BossLogic has thrown actor Cillian Murphy into the mix and provided us with some artwork to further argue his point on why Murphy would be the perfect choice.

As is the case with anything BossLogic does, his Cillian Murphy as Doctor Doom is excellent and it looks like it could be real concept art from Marvel Studios. Murphy is no stranger to the superhero genre after playing Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and it’s about time we see him return, possibly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Doom . With that being said, this is just wishful thinking at this time. There’s still no confirmation that Marvel Studios will want to make Noah Hawley’s movie.

Now that the Fox properties are all under the Marvel Studios banner, fans are starting to get excited about the future of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. The Doctor Doom movie could be an excellent way to ease into bringing in the new characters, should Marvel Studios choose to do so. If they do, it will more than likely be a little while before we end up seeing them on the big screen since it really hasn’t been that long since Fox put out the projects, except for Fantastic Four , which could, in theory, get reintroduced in the MCU’s Phase 5 in a few years.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige announced that the X-Men and Fantastic Four movies were on the way, along with Blade , starring Mahershala Ali. Marvel fans were losing their minds during San Diego Comic-Con this year and there might be some more to look forward to during next weekend’s D23 Expo. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the studio decides to do with their new acquisitions and Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom .