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Candice O’Brien – kind woman always serve free food at her restaurant on Christmas day



– An American restaurant called the Southern Diner gives free food to hungry locals every Christmas day

– Since the founder, Candice O’Brien, opened the diner, she has been making sure nobody in her vicinity goes hungry on Christmas

– Candice said she knows what it means to go without food, and that is why she started the initiative One thing that makes Christmas a day to look forward to is the sharing of gifts and food.

An American restaurant in Tennessee, Southern Diner, has taken this a bit further by serving free holiday meals.

According to Daily Mail, this year will be the seventh time the food outlet will be giving out free meal on Christmas day.

The owner of the restaurant, Candice O’Brien Beasley, aged 39, said she knows what it means to be hungry and spend the season alone.

She said that she made an objective since she opened the restaurant to always open her doors to hungry locals on on the day so they can have a safe place to feed and unwind.

“Nobody – and I mean nobody – should have to be alone on Christmas Day. I know what it’s like to go without food, to have nothing in the house during a holiday time or any time.

I know what it’s like to have that rug yanked out from under you. It’s painful.” she said. During the sharing ceremony, she has people who come over to help her with cooking. She said sometimes they give out around 500 meals.

The mother of five said that this time around, she will be waking up as early as 5am so as to get the food ready on time before the restaurant’s door opens.

One of her volunteers, Mary MacRae, who lost her husband some years ago, said that the restaurant has always been a source of happiness for her during Christmas, serving as a good place to beat loneliness.

In 2006, he started The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation which helps with poverty alleviation.

The same foundation also helped open the JBJ Soul Kitchen, a restaurant where people in need are not charged for the food they eat.