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Cardi B becomes the first female rapper to cover American vogue, features daughter “kulture”



Cardi B has made history as she becomes the first female rapper to cover the United States cover of Vogue.

The photoshoot for the magazine sees Cardi in a red and white dress and a matching red Jimmy Choo pumps. The rapper is seen holding her daughter, Kulture, also on the cover in a red pant.

The female rapper is among four celebrity mums who posed alongside their children for January’s issue. In the issue, Cardi speaks candidly about struggling with the advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity while juggling it with being a mum and wife.

She noted that: “Being a mom – how can I say it? Things are a little bit harder to balance, but it’s good for the mental. Like, if I’m playing with my daughter, I forget about the issues.” Nigeria, recently where she was given a Nigerian name, Chioma B. The rapper’s daughter also got a Yoruba name her daughter, Kulture, basing the renaming on the circumstances surrounding the birth of the little girl which Cardi B revealed to be happiness. Taymi B and Dare Art Alade later translate that to mean Ayomide.