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DISASTER! Vin Diesel In Total Shock As Stunt Goes Wrong



FAST AND FURIOUS 9 has seen a serious set accident, as a stunt double plunged 30ft sustaining serious head injuries, leaving Vin Diesel in shock.

The ninth movie is currently shooting at Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire. But Vin Diesel’s latest blockbuster has seen a serious injury take place after a horrific fall.

As a stunt double fell 30ft after leaping off a balcony and it’s feared his safety cable snapped.

Filming was halted on Fast and Furious 9 for the day as Diesel’s stuntman was airlifted to Royal London Hospital with serious head injuries.

Vin Diesel was seen on set seconds after. He looked terrified, totally in shock and blinking back tears. He saw what happened.

They were filming a very high balcony scene. The stuntman leaped from the balcony attached to a safety wire, but it looks like the cable snapped.

He was meant to be left dangling below the balcony via the wire and then lowered slowly to the ground, but he plunged to the ground and landed on his head.

There were gasps and screams when the poor guy hit the floor. It’s horrific and obviously, all caught on camera. This was handed to the police. It happened on a brand new set at the studios.

Everything has now been closed on set and filming stopped. It’s a crime scene.