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DJ spinall – Anyone who said they achieved anything significant all on their own is lying



– Nigerian celebrity disk jockey, DJ Spinall, has taken to social media to share interesting words with fans

– The DJ spoke on people who are now successful and claim they did it all on their own

– According to Spinall, such people are lying, arrogant and ungrateful In this time and age, social media has allowed people to be more aware of the other’s success and many fans use them as an inspiration for their lives.

However, some successful people have been known to claim they are self-made and that their good fortune is only of their own doing with no contribution from others.

Well, popular disk jockey, DJ Spinall has taken to social media via his Twitter page to shed more light on this. According to him, any successful person who has that mind-set is lying, arrogant and ungrateful.

He wrote: “Anyone who said they achieved anything significant all on their own is lying, ungrateful, arrogant or all 3.”

Hmm…Interesting. Perhaps many Nigerian celebs feel they are self made going by the arrogance some of them display from time to time.

In other news, it was reported that Nigerian singer, Simi, spoke on her wish to leave social media five times everyday because most things seem fake and noisy.

According to her, people hate on others on social media because they are hiding from their real lives. She said some people only show the world the shiny part of their lives on social media.

The singer added that some people just jump on the bandwagon and do what others are doing. She said those people only believe in what trends.