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GBEGE | Nigerian Blogger Gets Caught Faking Ownership Of 7 Bedroom Duplex



Relationship expert and blogger, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka flaunted a 7 Bedroom Duplex she built 8 years after her ex-husband threw her out of his house.

In her words ‘8years ago my ex-husband threw me out of his 1 bedroom apartment.

8years later I built myself a 7 bedroom duplex….

I picked up all the stones he threw at me to build myself

I became too strong and fortified.

I became that broken pieces that because an expert in mending.

Yes, dreams do come true.

My name is Okoro Blessing Nkiruka’

She claimed the house was a birthday present to herself from herself

‘23rd May 1989 I was born .

I am 30 years today .

I am that blessing you hear about

A child of grace

Happy birthday to me’However, a China-based businessman slammed the blogger on social media for allegedly deceiving people with his own house. A man who claimed to be a friends with the real owner of the house shared video proof of the alleged real owner with his mother standing in the compound of the house with his mother as they celebrated ownership of the building which is reportedly located at Republic Layout, Bricks Estate, Enugu State.

The blogger initially countered this claim, sharing a video of the interior on her Instagram page

Two residents of the estate stated that Blessing only went to the house to take pictures and proceed to the uncompleted house beside it to take another picture which she passed across as “before and after”

Okoro Blessing has finally admitted faking a new house claim on her birthday, as the owner of the house, Eze Money, released more proof, photo of his building plan,to counter her claim.

Soon after Eze Money shared this proof, an audio conversation was released by the blogger’s friend where Okoro Blessing admitted to falsely claiming the house.

She said she planned on waiting for some time for the whole issue to die down before building a model of the house so as to clear her own image online.