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I lost my baby girl at 8 days old despite delaying my own cancer treatment to save her



AS Heidi Loughlin fought for her own life she was forced to make an agonising decision – stop her own potentially life-saving cancer treatment or risk losing her baby.

But, for Heidi, 36, the decision was a simple one – her unborn baby’s life had to come before hers.

However, after making the heart-wrenching decision, Heidi’s little baby girl Ally passed away – just eight days after making her appearance into the world.

Now, four years on, Heidi, from Portishead near Bristol, has shared an emotional tribute to her late daughter – on what would have been her birthday.

The ex-police officer wrote on Twitter: “Four years ago today, you were born. A huge beam of light in what was a dark time for our family.

“However, life is cruel sometimes and you lived for just eight days.

“But my darling you still lived for eight days and for that I’ll always be grateful. Happy birthday to our beautiful girl Ally.”

Since Ally’s death, Heidi has learnt that her aggressive inflammatory breast cancer is is incurable, giving her months, hopefully years to live.

Yet, in spite of everything she has faced, the inspirational mum, who has two sons Noah and Tait, is “refusing to give cancer permission to ruin her entire life”.

And she says a huge part of her strength comes from the love she has for Ally.