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I Need You To Succeed- Buhari Tells National Assembly Leaders, Seeks Cordial Relationship



President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday hosted the leadership of the National Assembly to a dinner at the new Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, in a move aimed at forging understanding and cordial relationship between the executive and legislative arms of government.

According to the President, an understanding between the two arms holds more gains for Nigerians.

Reacting to the appeal, Ahmad Lawan, President of the Nigerian Senate, assured President Buhari of the legislators’ readiness to work hand in glove with the executives to provide solutions to the challenges facing the nation.

President Buhari said, “cultivating neighbourliness on individual and national level will deepen the values of democracy and speed up development process by saving the cost of delays and repairs.”

His comment was intended to preclude the reoccurence of the rocky relationship he had with the eight National Assembly.

Few days before his inauguration in May, the president had reviewed the relationship between the Executive arm of the government and the then outgoing eighth National Assembly and concluded that it was not the best. He said he hoped for a better working relationship between the two arms of government in the Ninth Assembly.

Mr Buhari, during Thursday’s dinner, said he was pleased with the voting pattern of principal leaders of the National Assembly, “which showed a lot of maturity and patriotism, and also signalled to all Nigerians that love for the nation supersedes party affiliations.

“I was very pleased that people expressed their desires at the National Assembly across party lines. Neighbourliness is very important.

“It makes sense to cultivate neighbourliness on individual and national level. If you cultivate good relationship with your neighbour, you will save a lot emotionally and materially”, the statement said.

Mr Buhari said Nigeria had benefitted a lot by maintaining a good relationship with neighbours like Cameroon and Benin Republic, noting that the fight against Boko Haram had been jointly carried out with neighbouring countries.

He urged the legislature to stop comparing Nigeria’s democracy with more developed countries “as every country had its peculiarities and the historical growth patterns had been different, with the developed countries practising liberal democracy for longer years.

“Along the line of development, we are a developing country. We have different experiences.’’