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Kristen Stewart’s strict dating criteria



Kristen Stewart only dates people who “complement” her.

The 29-year-old actress is currently dating Stella Maxwell and has previously romanced the likes of St. Vincent and her ‘Twilight’ co-star Robert Pattinson, and has now said she only embarks on a relationship with those who bring out her good sides, and who work as the perfect addition to her life.

She said: “I only date people who complement me.”

Kristen believes the general public think she’s an “a**hole” because she “didn’t leap willingly” into the spotlight after she found fame playing Bella Swan in the ‘Twilight’ franchise, but insists she’s “in no way rebellious”.

Asked how she thinks people perceive her, she said: “I think I’ve grown out of this, but I used to be really frustrated that because I didn’t leap willingly into being at the centre of a certain amount of attention, that it seemed like I was an asshole. I am in no way rebellious. I am in no way contrarian. I just want people to like me.”

Although she might not be a rebel, the ‘Charlie’s Angel’ actress does have something extraordinary about her, as she says she often talks to ghosts, especially if she’s in a “weird small town”.

Speaking to the September 2019 Style Issue of Vanity Fair magazine, she said: “I talk to [ghosts]. If I’m in a weird, small town, making a movie, and I’m in a strange apartment, I will literally be like, ‘No, please, I cannot deal. Anyone else, but it cannot be me.’ Who knows what ghosts are, but there is an energy that I’m really sensitive to. Not just with ghosts, but with peopl