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Lady who served Satan for 990 years, says football is the game of the Antichrist



A male Twitter user was left in shock after he tried to make friends with his new “born again” neighbours by asking what it they support only for him to receive a Christian book demonizing football.

Alex Oluwatobi tweeted: “My new neighbor seems not to like me, but I greet them anyways. In bid to be a little friendly, I asked their 2 sons yesterday the football club they supports. They smiled, shook their heads & pelted upstairs. Got home this evening, Dad & Mum knocked & gave me this book.”

He went on to share screenshots of pages from the book and it spoke about the evils of football and how the devil is using it to draw Christians away from Christ.

The book includes prayer points that says, “spirit of football, get out of my life in Jesus name.”

See Tweets and screenshots of pages from the book below.