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Nigerian Lady Defends SATAN-‘We Didn’t Hear His Side Of The Story’…



A Nigerian lady on twitter has accused Christians of not practicing what they preach.

According to her Christians preach about forgiving your enemies and praying for them but not once have they knelt to pray for Satan.

Read her tweets below.

The most misunderstood guy ever. Gets blamed for everything. Seems cool with the gays & never condoned rape or slavery. Won’t judge u whether u choose to praise him or not. His only crime was that he led a rebellion against a dictatorship. We never heard his side of the story.

You admit we are all sinners & pride yourselves on how your faith preaches forgiveness but which one of you ever thought, “gee, this guy might deserve forgiveness”. Never in 21 centuries has anyone one ever had the compassion to pray for the one sinner that needed it most.

The one sinner who has as much right if not greater, to every Christian, Muslim and Jewish daily and nightly prayers, for the sole reason of having the greatest need for forgiveness. Can’t you all perceive the stench of your hypocrisy? I am ashamed on your behalves.

I’m disappointed but not surprised. Why? Cos you all need someone to hate. Every good story needs a superhero and a villain. He is the very bedrock in which your faiths stand. Remove Satan from the equation and not a single soul will have the need to worship god.

I know I’ll catch some heat cos of this, probably lose some followers too but you must be deluded if you think I care. So for those of you spewing thrash bout how I’m going to hell, joke’s on u. We are all going to hell in the other person’s religion. I’ve made my peace, have u?

What are your thoughts on this? Does Satan need forgiveness, or is she just rambling?