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Shocking: World Heaviest WOMAN Has Reconciled With Her HUSBAND After Winning An Award



Pauline Potter, a resident of Sacramento, California is the world heaviest woman weighing about 728 lb. Her husband Alex divorced her because she is too heavy and big. It takes her an hour to take her bath. She can’t walk, dress herself or even go to the toilet on her own.
Becoming the world’s heaviest woman by GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS made her estranged husband fall in love with her all over again and they are now working on getting their relationship back on track.

47 yr-old Pauline Potter who is currently the world’s heaviest woman reconciled with her estranged husband after the GUINNESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS recognized her as the heaviest woman in the world.

Her husband actually reconciled with her because she is now a celebrity after winning the award as the World heaviest woman by GUINNESS Book of Records.

Meanwhile, she is planning to shed her weight.